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the Canberra Interfaith Forum (CIF)

Following the Parliament of World Religions held in Melbourne, December 2009, the Interfaith Forum of the ACT, which had been active since 1993, became the Canberra Inter- faith Forum.
The Canberra Interfaith Forum (CIF) supports interfaith activities in Canberra and promotes multicultural harmony in the capital within a formal group setting. CIF promotes open exchange, dialogue and cooperation between people of various spiritual traditions within ACT, consistent with its objectives (see below).

The Canberra Interfaith Forum (CIF) are a group of people from 12 different spiritual traditions in Canberra: Baha’i; Brahma Kumaris; Buddhist; Christian; Hindu; Islam; Jewish; Pagan Awareness Network; Quakers; Sikh; Sathya Sai; and Sukyo Mahikari. CIF meets regularly, usually on the third Tuesday of the month at the Theo Notaras Multicultural Centre from 5.30 – 6.30 pm.
If you're interested in participating in CIF activities, please contact the CIF correspondence secretary on canberrainterfaithforum@gmail.com

Canberra Interfaith Forum OBJECTIVES:

1.     To promote open conversation between individuals of various spiritual traditions based on equality and mutual respect.
2.     To deepen knowledge, understanding and appreciation of various spiritual traditions.
3.     To demonstrate loving and effective relationships between peoples of various spiritual traditions.
4.     To share deeper spiritual insights and values in the community.
5.     To uphold and respect the right of all human beings to maintain and practise in harmony the spiritual traditions of their choice.
6.     To promote cooperative action involving participating spiritual traditions in the ACT.
7.     To participate appropriately in community events such as the Multicultural Festival and multifaith worship.
8.     To disseminate information on multifaith and relevant activities.

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